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Hex Medieval-Fantasy Locations

This set of lovingly hand-painted medieval fantasy hex tiles provides an evocative landscape upon which to build an RPG campaign, a video game overworld, a strategy map, or boardgame-like experience.

Includes hexagonal fantasy terrain tiles that fit into 256x256px cells and a large collection of transparent-background decoration sprites to allow cut & paste customization. Over 120 hex tiles are provided, including a set of basic terrain and 60 locations placed on different terrain biomes, some with multiple variations: burned vs. ripe fields of crops, castles with variously colored roofs, different arrangements of houses in villages, mountain mines, strongholds built from wood and stone, clusters of trees, caves, and more!

(Note: This package also includes a basic set of terrain tiles with no variations; for variations on base terrain check out my “Hex Basic Set: Painted 2D Terrain” package.)

expands upon my basic terrain assets for those interested in making medieval-fantasy themed games
122 hex tiles (over 60 unique location types, some on different terrain types, some with multiple variations)
painted at 256×384 pixels so that towers, mountains, and trees can overlap the tiles behind
includes 85 road tiles for all possible permutations of hex grid roads (some of single variation, some of two)
includes 231 “decor” sprites which can be placed on any background terrain texture (these include versions of the hex locations with the underlying terrain removed)

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