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Adaptive Split Screen

Split screen solution for co-op style games.

This package contains fast lightweight solution for split screen It is developed with DOTS in mind, as result it takes advantage of Unity’s latest technology stack like SIMD mathematics, Jobs and Burst compiler.

It is recommended for co-op style games. Especially if world is not small and players can be far away from each other.

This is novel solution of split screen based on voronoi diagrams. One can think of it as extension of traditional dynamic split screen for up to 4 players.

Key Behaviours

Fairness – option for each player to have similar screen region area.
Centered – option for each player to be centered in their screen region.
Direction Indicated – each split indicates direction to other player.
Fusible – players screen regions can be merged once they are close enough.

The package is designed to be easily customizable and approchable from artist’s to developer’s background.

There are 4 layers of API

SplitScreenEffect – the main MonoBehaviour component that applies split screen effect on camera.
Modifier – custom MonoBehaviour components for modifying logic of SplitScreenEffect.
SplitScreen4, SplitScreen3 and SplitScreen2 – structs for generating split screen effect.
VoronoiBuilder, VoronoiDiagram – structs for generating voronoi diagrams from sites.