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Zombie FPS Pack

Download Zombie FPS Pack Free Unity

This ultimate pack is a complete solution for Advance AI system, it contains all the AI functionality to create a zombie fps game. This uniquely created pack is going to save your hours of work in creating an Advance AI system.

Whether you’d like to build your own FPS game or third-person action-adventure, or even a role-playing game, this complete AI pack provides you with all the features you are looking for.

This pack contains neat and clean source code so that it can be modified as per desired, contains different animation Layer in order to enhance the features of various animations.


  • Various Idle
  • different Walk
  • Numerous Attack
  • Turn & Transitions
  • Multiple Attack
  • Chase & Crawl
  • Reach & Deaths.

Warning: This pack is created by a game dev, chose our platform so that you guys can get benefit from this asset, every single code and animations, prefabs, animators, gonna be there to help you in your own game creation journey. We will give 90% of earnings to help the developer.

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