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Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

WebGL Demo – Android Demo – PC Demo – Documentation – Video

Drift around the arena and wipe away the zombies. Earn coins, and unlock & upgrade new vehicles, unlock & upgrade new weapons. Be prepared well and bring more chaos on next waves!

Package Features

* 8 Player vehicles
* 3 Different type of zombies (You can use any enemy type you want)
* Total count of 15 waves for demo
* Randomly prop spawning (Clip free)
* Unlock & upgrade vehicles
* Unlock & upgrade weapons
* Removable /Damagable / Repairable vehicles & weapons after each wave
* Shortcut buttons for desktop and mobile
* Arena model with environments
* 5 Prop models
* Soundtracks manager
* All commented C# scripts
* Clean hierarchy and project

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