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Zip / gzip Multiplatform Native Plugin

Download Zip / gzip Multiplatform Native Plugin Free Unity. 

Unity5 ready.
This asset requires Unity Pro for unity4.x.

This is a shared library for Android, iOS*, OSX, Windows, Linux and webGL** to compress/decompress zip/gzip (.zip/.gz) files and buffers.

*iOS/tvOS/watchOS compilation requires to add the -lz linking flag at Build Settings-> Linking-
> Other Linker flags on xcode.

**WebGL supports only compression/ decompression of zlib/gzip buffers.

It is also part of the 7z/lzma/zip package in the asset store here: 7zip/lzma/zip plugins

Fast zip/gzip compression and decompression with a clean and simple interface. Very easy to use. Well commented example and documentation.

The plugin is about 7x times faster in compression speed and 3x times faster in decompression speed compared to SharpZipLib.

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