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Z!MOBA Environment Art Pack

Download Z!MOBA Environment Art Pack Free Unity. 

Hi, the upgrade version of ‘Z!M.O.B.A Environment Art Pack’ that being highly favored has been finished.

This version is a completely renewed one, which means all the meshes and textures were remade and changed. We redesigned all the meshes and their corresponding textures by using Substance Painter. Furthermore, we also made six Ground textures and ones of their corresponding normal textures with Substance Designer and remade the Effects&Particles with the new Particle system of Unity3d for more delicate performance. Besides, numerous meshes were added like trees and stones to meet the demands from different maps.

Consistent with former versions, this asset consist of two scenes. One is a 5v5 map to show you how to make an MOBA type game map, the other is a demo scene to show you all the available assets in this pack.

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    1. Unityassets4free

      Thanks for the feedback, it will be updated soon…

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