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YAPP – Yet Another Prefab Painter

YAPP is Yet Another Prefab Painter. YAPP can be used to conveniently and quickly distribute all kinds of prefabs in your world. Please take a look at the asset videos to see some of its many uses.

Unity is such an exciting platform, I just love to create worlds with Unity. All kinds of. In order to save time for myself, focus on important things and make distributing prefabs convenient, flexible and fast I created YAPP. Yet Another Prefab Painter.

Among many of its features the core features are:

Container based
Paint modes Brush and Splines
Prefab instantiation
Supports any prefab: rocks, plants, trees, houses, humans, animals, etc
Custom templates
Batch operations
Interactive operations like Anti Gravity, Magnet, Scale changes (eg Forest tree height while painting over the trees)
Physics (see the videos, they speak for themselves)
Terrain Trees integration

Feel free to check out the online documentation for more details.

The development of YAPP is based on real use cases, tools which make your workflows easier while creating scenes for your games. It started as free GitHub project and found excellent recognition from the community. Over time more and more requirements and requests came up and so YAPP became to be a lot more than what was initially intended.

In order to make it available to an even larger user base YAPP has landed on the Unity Asset Store. However supporting an asset and updating it requires time and effort, that’s why it had to become a paid asset.

Showcase Videos

The videos are examples of what you can do with YAPP in combination with other assets. In case you are interested the descriptions of the videos contain information about which assets were used.