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Xray Vision / Detective vision

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What are we offering?

Using the X-ray/Detective vision asset pack, developers can let their viewers see through the wall or any other object.


How does this Demo work?

Its functionality is based on two keys “Z” and “X”-

·By pressing the “Z” key, you go in X-ray/Detective vision mode.

·By pressing the “X” key, you go back to the normal mode.

·Furthermore, you can change the keys according to your preference(s) in the script.


What does this pack contain?

This pack contains the raw ‘Shader Graph’ so that you can modify the shaders to make your own new shader(s) as per your needs/preferences. The pack includes 3 Shader graphs- Dither effect, Hologram effect, and Pattern Fill effect.


Learn about the scripts-

There are 2 main scripts to control the X-ray/Detective vision.




Manager script- It controls the switch from X-ray mode to Normal mode and vice-versa.

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