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WRP 3D Infinite Endless Runner Kit

Download WRP 3D Infinite Endless Runner Kit Free Unity. 

Ever dreamed of making a 3D endless runner game? Here’s your chance to do just that with the endless runner kit optimized for mobile devices. This kit contains everything you need to make the next big infinite running hit on the app store. This kit has some basic features.

For more features and technical support buy WRP Pro 3D Infinite Endless Runner Kit.

Basic Features of this kit:
– Obstacles (7 obstacles to start with)
– Power-ups
– Swipe and gyro controls
– Animated character
– Complete Menus UI
– 3 lane movement with adjustable path heights
– Gameplay sounds and background music
– Stumble collision detection
– Interactive enemies
– Dynamic HUD elements (score, currency)
– Debug HUD mode (frame rate)
– Highly optimised for mobile platforms
– Well documented Unity Script code

Supported Platforms: OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and Web Player.