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World Map Strategy Kit 2

Download World Map Strategy Kit 2 FREE Unity. 

World Map Strategy Kit 2 (WMSK) is a powerful game toolkit for creating strategy games based on real or fictional world map.

Includes great visual appealing features that are complex to implement to provide you a AAA kickstart in developing your game.


– 4 main view modes: flat map in 3D, flat map in 2D (UI element), custom 3D viewport with relief and Unity terrain mode (projects map features on standard terrain).
– Exclusive custom viewport with 3D surface mesh for terrain with customizable/realtime height, infinite horizontal scrolling (world wrap) and gorgeous effects (water, coast foam, buoyancy effect, frontier lines, PBS based, …)
– Several Earth background textures and styles included, from 2K to 16K High-Res.
– Cloud layer with animated drop shadows over terrain.
– Artistic and animated Fog of war with simple API to clear fog over a zone of control, country or province.
– Animated / thick / smooth country borders! Use sample textures or add your own with custom color, width and patterns
– Curved map mode.
– Day/night cycle.
– Optional minimap for quick navigation.
– Smooth runtime switching between 2D and 3D viewport mode
– Dynamic country and province labels with adaptive text to the terrain.
– Smart country label placement algorithm with curved text using TextMesh Pro!
– Line drawing system with animated dashing line support to show routes, throwing arcs, on-terrain paths, …
– Tickers/banners support. Add scrolling / blinking messages over the map easily.


✔ Offline features (does not require Internet connection):
– WGS84 datum real world cartography included for countries and provinces. Includes country FIPS 10-4, ISO A2, A3 and N3 standard codes.
– Includes frontiers of +4400 provinces, +7100 cities and +240 countries. Country frontiers in high and low scale.
– Cities are classified on normal cities, regional and country capitals.

✔ Online and Offline map tiles system supporting zoom up to street level. Includes cache and tile downloader assistant. Supports OpenStreetMap, Stamen, Carto, Wikimedia, ThunderForest, OpenTopoMap, MapBox, Sputnik and AerisWeather services out of the box (service may require special license). Ability to connect to custom tile servers.