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World Map Globe Edition 2

World Political Map – Globe Edition 2 adds to your scene a beautiful and interactive 3D world map with just a couple of clicks. Drag the globe prefab to your scene and customize the look & feel.

Complete asset with great visualization features, examples and rich API, suitable for building games and applications for VR, desktop and mobile.

Key Features:

– Procedurally draws the frontiers of 240 countries, 4112 provinces and states, and the location of the 7144 most populated cities in the world without access to the Internet. Frontiers and cities data included in the asset making it very fast and works offline!

– Fully interactive map: regions of countries, provinces/states and cities highlight as you pass the mouse over them.

– 19 Earth styles including custom planetary shaders with relief, day/night, atmosphere, clouds and city lights effects compatible with mobile. Texture resolutions included from 2K to 16K with custom shaders.

– Ability to integrate with Online Map Tile Systems with a single click including OpenStreetMap, MapBox, AerisWeather, Stamen, Carto, Google Maps, Sputnik and others, with progressive rendering which allows a greater quality when zooming in.

– Offline tile support with tile downloader assistant.

– Hexagonal Grid with PathFinding support: fully interactive grid (select, colorize, texture)

And Much More! …

– Three types of classified cities, including country and region capitals.

– Data includes: continent, country, city and province names, relationships, multiple regions per country and province, metropolitan population, FIPS 10 4, ISO A2, A3 and N3 codes.

– Moon and real Milky Way skybox.

– GPS support: can track automatically device position on map.

– Automatic sync with real time and daylight.

– Automatically draws country labels with placement and automatic alignment options.

– TextMesh Pro support.

– Colorize countries, provinces/states or entire continents!

– Per country texture support!

– Can add Markers, Circles and Lines with drawing/animation to the globe map (aerial trajectories).

– Mount Points support: add your custom strategic locations from the Editor and find/navigate/position objects on them easily.

– Bake Earth texture command: produce custom Earth textures with colorized areas!

– Inverted view support: optional view mode for VR immersive experience (sit at the center of the world!)

– VR: support for generic gaze and also VR controllers using Google, Samsung or Oculus SDK.

– Two Camera Modes available: either navigate between locations rotating the Earth (Camera is not moved) or make the camera rotate around the Earth.

– Zoom Tilt option: achieve angled perspectives when zooming in/out.

– Find and fly smoothly to any country, state, city by its name from current position. Also easily locate any world location by latitude/longitude.

– Two levels of details for frontiers at 110.00.000:1 and 30.000.000:1 scale.

– Imaginary lines: draw latitude, longitude and cursor lines.