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World Map 1

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World Map 1

● Package ●
– Set of unique assets (95);
– Demo scene.

● Where to use ●
– Games. Models optimized for game engines;
– Multiplication;
– Advertising and marketing;
– VR / AR.

● Features ●
– By combining assets, you can create your own unique environment;
– You can easily change the color of objects – using the UV map;
– Pivot in the logical place of the object;
– Model has a logical name.

● Geometry (x95) ●
– 95 unique assets;
– Collisions;
– 58k triangles all pack.

● Items ●
Landscape (x10)
Continents, islands, glaciers;

Buildings (x23)
Sights, Sydney Opera House, Kiyomizu, Statue of Liberty, Kremlin, Big Ben, Great Wall of China, Great Buddha Statue, Christ the Redeemer, Colosseum, Egyptian Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa, Petronas Towers, etc.;

Transport (x5)
Ship, tanker, aircraft;

Animals (x27)
Elephant, bear, shark, whale, killer whale, penguin, giraffe, panda, monkey, deer, polar bear, leopard, tiger, lion, camel;