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Weapons Pack with Blood Effects

Package contains set of 5 weapons. Each weapon comes with 2 blood effects and in multiple Lod levels:
– Zombie Blade
– Crowbar – Classic, Sci-Fi and Pink
– Baseball Bat – Two wooden texture sets* and one metal
– Fireaxe
– Axe Handle

3 types of upgrades:
– Grip Tape – Red plastic, Blue plastic, Black leather, Military
– Nails – multiple setups tailored for weapons and single models so you can design your own setup
– Axe head – can serve as an upgrade for axe handle.

Package contains a total of 76 prefabs.

All textures are 2k PBR.

Each item comes in multiple Lod levels. All Lod levels share same textures sets. Lod0 is very low and works great on mobiles. Lod1 and above looks great as a player weapon in FPP games. Polycount ranges from 250 tris to 31000 tris. Check out screenshots below for an exact polycount for each item.

Works great with Unity 5.0 and in Unity 4 with Lux free PBR shaders