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Weapons & Armor PBR Pack #1

Download Weapons & Armor PBR Pack #1 Free Unity. 

Weapons & Armor Pack #1 has 30 Weapons & Armor pieces, and every object has a default look, and most have mesh morphing and Substance Painter source files for customizing the textures.

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Bonus Files – Free upgrade after purchase
⚡ Weapons & Armor Pack #1 – Bonus Files 1 – Concept Art & Substance Painter files
⚡ Weapons & Armor Pack #1 – Bonus Files 2 – Substance Painter Files (Group 2)
⚡ Weapons & Armor Pack #1 – Bonus Files 3 – Substance Painter files
⚡ Weapons & Armor Pack #1 – Bonus Files 4 – Unreal project

Now, almost all of the objects also feature Mesh Morphing! You can change the physical mesh and save multiple versions for your game. Often this can drastically change the look of the objects, to where they may not even look like their original form.

Use sliders to adjust the look & feel of the monsters. Easily change colors, add special effects like dirt, mud, blood, ice, snow, moss & more. It’s fast and allows you to create any number of looks that perfectly suit your game. Most texture maps are 2048×2048.

Use the “Texture Creation” scene to quickly modify the look of the models, and then use the “Mass Export” tool to export all the Procedural Materials into game-ready Standard Shader materials with a single click.