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Water Utils

Download Water Utils Free Unity. 

Do you want to add a waterline on a object ?
Do you want to float objects on water?
Do you want Skybox horizon adjustment ?
Do you want to fade 2 Skyboxes ?
This asset makes it possible.
Light weight, mobile ready.
[ver. 1.1.1 update] Fix some warnings for Unity 2017 or later. [waterline]
Add waterline to Object. You can attach second material as waterline. and can customize water height / waterline width / ampritude / color in Material parameters.

[objects on water]
StandardAssets>Environment>Water>Water4 is including vertex move shader, but we don’t know that wave height. this asset can take the wave height and you can put objects on water.

[Skybox horizon adjustment]
Normally skybox horizon is zero. but sometimes we want to change horizon height. this asset can adjust horizon height on material parameter.

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