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Water Elemental Shader – HDRP

This is a water elemental shader effect. It can make any game object of yours look like a puddle of water. This looks pretty cool. The design of this shader is inspired by the water elemental in Warcraft. And it contains a simple demo to show how it works. This package can make your game looks cooler. You don’t need to write any shader by yourself, you can use this package directly to achieve the effect you want, and it can be integrated into your project very easily. The shader files expose multiple parameters for you to adjust. You can adjust more many different effects by yourself. Due to these cool effects achieved by using the shader, all performance losses are small, and the mobile platform can also run perfectly.

PS: Only support HDRP(High Definition Renderer Pipeline)

Main Features:

1. Very easy to integrate into your project, no need to write any shader and code.

2. Only support HDRP (High Definition Renderer Pipeline).