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Wasp Interdictor

Download Wasp Interdictor Free Unity. 

On Feb. 24 Russian military forces attacked our homeland and continues advance on multiple fronts as heavy fighting takes place in different cities and regions. In Ukrainian game studio FORGE3D we stand against Russian military invasion and war. FORGE3D will work with local organizations to help Ukrainians during this crisis. All profits from FORGE3D asset sales will go to charity. The money will be donated to help people of Ukraine.

Players and developers, please hear my call and let this resonate deeply within your hearts. We need you right now! Let us do everything we can to support victims of war in Ukraine. ❤️



UNIVERSAL Render Pipeline update is out!

What’s new in version 1.1:

– Asset is now Unity 2019.4+ compatible

– All content has been updated to support Universal RP 7.3.1

– Amplify Shader Editor support for URP shaders

The PBR Space Fighter and VR-Ready Cockpit is a great way to get started with travel to the stars! The kit includes scripted parts for mounted gun and radar tracking, nozzle flaps animation controller, and thrusters effects.


Enjoy the adventure in a VR-Ready cockpit covering HUD, center stick, thrust level, pedals, and a detailed reflective canopy glass.


The Space Fighter is counting about 17K triangles in total and features two different 2048 texture sets.


The easy setup includes the animated mounted parts where scripts manage the elevation-heading limits and control the tracking speed.


Will do the most of the work animating the position of each nozzle flap in response to commands from the script. The options include Flap Position, Limit and Speed.


The Terrestrial prefab from the well-known Planets Pack is included along with the customizable skybox shader enabling several layers of cube maps, post recoloring options and more.

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