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VR UI Package

This section provides a couple of fun tools that can be used in your VR application.

Drawing with Pen, Eraser, and Color Changer.
VR Camera

3) 3D UI:

This section provides a 3D UI interface with effects. While it’s true that the collection and elements are still 2D elements, they are in the 3D section because each one of them is its own canvas and moves in 3D dimensions for the effects, giving them a 3D UI feel.

3D Physical Button
Collection of Elements (For a selection display).
Highlight Effect Element (Highlight border).
Rotating Highlight Effect Element (Rotating glowing border).
Pop Effect Element (pops off when hovered over).
Rotating Effect Element (looks at pointer).

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This asset uses Oculus hand models and scripts under Copyright (c) Facebook Technologies. We do not own these models or scripts and usage of these components is subject to Copyright (c) Facebook Technologies.

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