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VR Shooter Kit

Download VR Shooter Kit Free Unity. 

*We are currently developing a multiplayer extension

• Emerald AI Support (New!)
• Full Oculus Support (Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest , Oculus Rift)
• Weapons (uzi, revolver, shotgun, Rocket Launcher)
• Grenades
• Different recharge systems (Physics, Realistic, Infinite Bullets , PumpAction)
• Realistic levers
• Buttons
• Dropzones
• Complete AI System
• Complete Damage System
• Melee combat system
• Easily customizable VR hands
• Different hand animations for each interaction
• Free Locomotion Player Controller
• Teleport Player Controller
• Weapon Rocket Launcher
• SteamVR Support
• Two hand weapons
• Realistic Reload Mode Shotgun
• Distance Grab
• Dismember System (NEW)
• Climbing System (NEW)
• Unity XR Support (NEW) (Beta)

VR Shooter Kit is a complete VR system, which contains a large number of components ready to be modified, to the needs of your own game, contains an example scene that contains a large number of components with which you can interact, levers, buttons, a lot of weapons that work in different ways, uzi, revolver, shotgun. Melee combat with swords, a complete damage system, enemies can take damage even if you just throw the weapons at them.

All the code is written in a clean and pleasant way, with comments so you don’t miss anything, and each component has a lot of options, so that each part of your game behaves as you want.