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VR/Metaverse Space Apartment

This package works only in Unity version 2020.2.2f1 and higher.

If you need HDRP or URP version click on ‘VR/Metaverse Space Apartment (HDRP).unitypackage’ or ‘VR/Metaverse Space Apartment (URP).unitypackage’ in HDRP_URP_packages folder.

VR/Metaverse Space Apartment environment with well designed, optimised, detailed interior, and one HDRI with stars and a planet.

This environment was ment for VR, but it can be used in any project.

There are no Post-Processing effects in URP version.

LOD’s used where appropriate.

HDRI_Star_Sky – 2048×2048

Leather – 1024×1024 (Mask, Normal Map)

Walls – 2048×2048 (Albedo, Mask, Normal Map, Emissive)

Chair_LOD0 – 3396 tris

Chair_LOD1 – 1662 tris

Chair_LOD2 – 830 tris

Chair_LOD3 – 395 tris

Couch_LOD0 – 934 tris

Couch_LOD1 – 466 tris

Couch_LOD2 – 278 tris

Lamp_LOD0 – 130 tris