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VR Beats Kit

Supported VR Headsets
– Oculus S/ Rift
– Oculus Quest
– Oculus Quest 2
– All SteamVR HeadSets (No functional)

This assets uses XR interaction Toolkit, if you want know if your VR headset is supported refer to Unity official documents , apparently to the date there is no support for SteamVR and Unity Interaction Toolkit but it still as a preview package, so hopefully we will get SteamVR support soon.

• Full support for the new Unity XR system
• Built In level editor using Unity Timeline
• VR Interaction system

VR Beats Kit, is a complete project example in order to create your own VR rhythm games.

All the code is written in a clean and pleasant way, with comments so you don’t miss anything, and each component has a lot of options, so that each part of your game behaves as you want.

Future Updates