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Voxel Play

– Infinite varieties were dependent on the seed.

– Unity territory/SpeedTree/vegetation framework to Voxel Play Environment converter. Convert your current territory to a voxel scene with two or three ticks!

– Optionally give your own voxels, adjust the produced pieces before they’re rendered or even module your own territory generator dependent on a given layout.

– Biome support (field, desert, timberland, rainforest, tundra, taiga, day off, shrubland and exposed)

– Biome map voyager window. Envision biome dissemination on any zone on the planet.

– Cave framework. A default cavern generator is given in the demo world. Change it or add diverse cavern framework generators to make convincing underworlds.

– Village/structures framework. A default building spawner is furnished which you can reach out with your own town prerequisites.

– Curved impact. A single tick and get a bent situation with custom bend power. Note: this alternative doesn’t create completely round universes however delivers a bent impact over unbounded landscape giving the impression of a circular world.

Water System

– Voxelized water framework with no excess face cover.

– Advanced flooding framework.

– Procedural, variable-tallness water voxels with incline and stream movement.


– Voxel style enlivened grass and trees per biome.

– Can utilize custom prefabs for vegetation and trees.

Sky framework

– Custom voxelized skybox.

– Day/night cycle, flickering stars and cool day breaks.

– Voxelized enlivened mists that cast shadows over the landscape.

– Distance mist with skybox mixing.

Character Controller

– Includes First-Person and Third-Person controllers adjusted to work with the voxel condition:

– Walk/Run.

– Crouching.

– Hanging/looking on edges.

– Fly.

– Swimming and jumping.

– Footfalls. Various sounds are dependent on the landscape.

– Includes a completely enlivened Hero model example from Dungeon Mason.

– Voxel Play can likewise work with other character controllers.


– On-screen support can be demonstrated squeezing “F1”.

– Shows information valuable to investigate/help the client alter the world.

– Free pixel text style included.

– Integrated FPS counter.

– Crosshair. Shading changes to stay obvious relying upon the foundation. Energizes over targets.

– Thumbnail of presently chose the material with the name.

– Player stock.

Things and Inventory System

– Collect voxels.

– Select dynamic thing and manufacture, including voxels, items and structures (ie. structures).

– Create voxel and complex structures objects at runtime.

– Interactive items system with occasions.


– Load and spare usefulness included. Enhanced record size.

– Save to document or memory supports.

Custom Tools

– Door creation instrument.

– Texture voxelized instrument. Make 3D objects from single surfaces.

– Noise surface generators (tileable Perlin and Cellular commotion bolstered).

– Imports Qubicle models (parallel configuration or .qb). Produces upgraded voxel networks.

– Custom multi-finished shape generator instrument.

Prepared to utilize model shaders

– Optimized shaders prepared to use for your imported models with per-vertex hues, surface, triplanar, sunshine taking care of and coordinated mist for best execution.

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Download For Free Server 3 v9.8.2Download

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