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Voxel Play is a procedural, quick environment dependent on 3D shapes in addition to an assortment of instruments to accelerate your game enhancement, speed improvement. It uses exceptionally upgraded code, including geometry shaders, GPU instancing, register cradles and surface exhibits, to produce excellent, rich, huge vast universes which can be tweaked and reached out from multiple points of view.

Playable demos: Windows | Mac

Voxel Play gives an incorporated answer for the sky, landscape, water, vegetation, material science, world cooperation, UI, stock and the sky is the limit from there.

*** Current Features ***

The objective for Voxel Play is to give a simple to utilize yet amazing and extensible standard-based voxel motor that occupies the open spaces of your reality while it permits you to alter any number of regions.

Format based

– Voxel Play works with Scriptable Objects to make world, biomes, voxels and model definitions. Every definition is a lot of age rules in addition to surfaces and sounds: a world is made out of a few biomes which model the sort and state of territory just as the vegetation (shrubberies, trees, … ).

– Define any number of universes, biomes, models and voxels inside the Unity Editor and model your reality in intelligent mode at runtime utilizing a similar interface (anything you adjust gets spared).

– Activate the Constructor: a unique territory where you can characterize custom, reusable models (like trees or structures) and stamp them enormously as per biome rules.


– Comprehensive arrangement of runtime occasions (ie. OnChunkBeforeCreate).

– Allows custom territory generators.

– Plugable detail generators. Build up your own spawner class or reuse the gave models, and add them to the world generator in the monitor.

– Full C# and shader source code included.


Geometry shaders, GPU instancing, figure cushions and other propelled rendering highlights are consequently debilitated if the stage doesn’t bolster them.

Prepared to Use with Demo Scenes

Voxel Play accompanies 5 demo scenes including part of surfaces, sounds and predefined biomes and voxels you can use in your undertaking.

Center Features

– Performance. Utilizations geometry shaders to drastically decrease vertex-information stream size. Consequently fallbacks to elite custom vertex/part shaders for stages not supporting geometry shaders.

– Customizable lump pool framework.

– Integrated encompassing impediment.

– Integrated haze with sky mixing.

– Smart voxel and lump octree-based separating framework for improved piece age and voxel check.

– Multi-stringing support.

– Automatic NavMesh age.

– Greedy cross-section (enormously decreases vertex mean colliders, NavMesh and other voxel types, similar to mists).

– Standard Unity shadows support.

– Standard Unity collider framework support

– Smooth Lighting (light spread/voxelized Global Illumination)

– POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping) utilizing Relief Mapping method.

– Supports Normal maps.

– Emission/Glow impacts

– In-proofreader rendering ability. See the world inside the SceneView at configuration time.

– Torch lights and point light help with squinting impact.

– High-execution lighting framework.

– Fast beam cast framework.

– Destructible condition.

– Voxel hit and obliteration sounds per type

– Voxel harm splits.

– Voxel harm particles with object pooling.

– Voxel custom footfalls.

– Colour-based, straightforward, pattern, finished and custom vegetation and water voxel rendering variations.

– Custom-shape voxels (eg. half-squares).

– GPU instanced custom voxels with process cushions choice.

– Native voxel turn.

– Dynamic voxels (apply changes).

– Collapsing structures.

– Connected surfaces.

– Animated surfaces.

– Customizable diagram impact incorporated in the shader.

– Customizable lump size (16 or 32).

– VR perfect (multi-pass, Single Pass Stereo and Single-Pass Instanced).

Territory Features

– Multi-step adaptable generator: permits you to join distinctive heightmaps and tasks delivering rich and shifted geology including mountains, valleys, waterways, islands, seashores, ravines, level, … 20 accessible activity types (and more to come) to play with.

– Procedural voxel territory produced naturally at runtime on request.

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