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Voxel Generator

Fully customizable voxel generator to simulate destructible objects or environments and visualization of volumetric data.

Get Voxels in your game!

This asset contains a tool to generate voxel blocks that can be sculpted and modified while providing maximum flexibility.

Easy to use:

Generate voxel blocks by simply dragging prefabs into the scene. Attach hull generators to the Voxel Generator to dynamically define the visual appearance. A resolution-based sculpting system allows large terrain sculpting during edit or gameplay.

Procedural Voxel Modifier:

Convert texture slices, meshes, or terrain directly into a voxel representation. Perfect to create 3D reconstructions of scan image slices.

Flexible voxel resolution system:

Create voxel blocks with different resolutions to meet the requirements of your application. Use low resolutions for mobile applications, medium for games, or high resolution for scientific applications such as computer tomography.

Modular visualization system:

Attach multiple hull generators to a voxel generator to define the visual appearance of a voxel generator. Visualize the data structure itself for fancy effects.

Flexible saving/loading system:

Save voxel data directly into the scene file or use scriptable objects with an integrated management system. Save voxels into the persistent data path during gameplay. Load voxel data dynamically during gameplay.