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Volumetric Lights

Volumetric Lights is a fast, flexible and great-looking light scattering solution for Built-in and Universal Rendering Pipeline. Improves lighting visuals in your scene with a few clicks.

Compatible with:

✓ Point lights

✓ Spot lights

✓ Disc shape lights

✓ Rectangular lights

Easy to use:

Add VolumetricLight script to your lights and customize. The effect automatically matches the light type, angle, range, color, etc. and extends it with new volumetric features and options.

The effect can also be used without lights as well (virtual volumetric lights). Just disable the light and activate the “Always On” option in the Volumetric Light script.


– Smooth or 3D noise based volumetric effect.

– Profile based. Share settings among lights.

– Real volumetric effect.

– Realtime shadow occlusion with option to bake volumetric shadows and distance culling options (improves performance).

– Dust particles with distance attenuation.

– Colored cookies.

– Customizable boundaries and shape.

– Customizable light attenuation mode.

– Fast!