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Volumetric Audio

Download Volumetric Audio FREE Unity. 

Unity sounds only emanate from a single point source. This is great for explosions and footsteps, but quite often you need something more advanced.

Volumetric Audio is an easy to use package that allows you to define boxes, spheres, capsules, paths, or meshes that sounds can emanate from.

WebGL Demo | Forum Thread | Tutorial Video

• Cross Platform – Works on all platforms and devices.

• Easy To Use – Simply attach the VA_Sphere component to your spheres, VA_Mesh to your meshes, VA_AudioSource to your audio sources, and link them together!

• Full Source Code – Like all my other assets, full C# code is included.

• Audio Reverb Zones (NEW) – Works great to turn normal Audio Reverb Zones into volumetric ones.

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