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Vibrant Grass Shader

???? Enhance your environment with mesmerizing, dense and interactive grass – make it a core feature of your game. Compatible with Standard (Built-in), URP and HDRP.

Please read the “Setup.pdf” found in the package before using the asset.


⭐ Key Features ⭐ :

Very Beautiful
Good Performance
Works on large areas
Performant Lights and Interactions : Over 50 objects can be used as point lights interact with the grass (push it on the sides when going through it while emitting a sound). It technically can get up to 1000 objects but the performance drop gets serious after about 50.
Customization : Paint shadows, height, colors and modify many material properties.
Color Masks : You can change the painted colors after applying them. Very handy when you change your mind.
Audio tool : Easily make the audio of the grass emit from the right spots.
Fast customer support : On a normal week, you should get an answer within 1-3 business days.
Hill collisions : There is a system to prevent the wind from pushing the grass through the ground (works best on smooth grounds).
Hovering Objects : The interaction objects push only grass stalks that have their tips higher than the height of the object (works approximately). Useful for hovering objects.
Professional UI : Simple and intuitive design, use a brush wheel and shortcuts keys while painting.
Shader Graph : The Shader uses Unity’s Shader Graph so you can easily add custom features.
Blends well with the HDRP Volumetric Fog
You can wrap the grass onto any collider including terrains


???? Compatibility :

-Compatible with Windows, Mac(including Metal), Linux (tested successfully in Debian) and non-standalone VR (the build has to be ran by a computer).

-NOT compatible with Mobile devices.

-Compatible with Built-in, URP and HDRP.

-Compatible with Unity 2019.3.0f5 and higher.

–> With Unity 2019 and 2020, the asset won’t work in Built-in.

–> Some versions have issues that have fixes mentioned in the documentation found in the package.

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