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VHS Pro is a camera post-processing effect which emulates look and feel of old cathode ray tube (CRT) screens. It emulates phosphor screen trail and bleeding, VHS tape noise (VHS data corruption), interlacing and jitter (deviation) in the analog video signal.
Best for 2D console-like games, 80’s/90’s/NES/Retro/VHS look, security cameras, robot and computer vision.

There’re 2 versions of VHS Pro (Built-in RP and HDRP)
1. BuiltinRP version is a standalone camera post-processing effect for Built-in rendering pipeline.
2. HDRP version is a post-processing effect for HDRP Post-Processing Stack. Only works in Unity 2019.3+ in HDRP PPS
3. URP (formerly LWRP) is not supported. It will come later when Unity will make official support for custom effects in URP PPS
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1. CRT Emulation
* Vertical Quantization (PAL/NTSC/Custom)
* CRT Bleed Modes (Presets) And Amount
* Custom Bleed Curve
* Fisheye Emulation
* Vignette Emulation

2. Noise Emulation
* Vertical And Horizontal Quantization (Global/Custom)
* Film Grain
* Signal Noise
* Line Noise
* Tape Noise (VHS/VCR Noise)

3. Jitter Emulation (Deviations In The Analog Video Signal)
* Floating Scanlines
* Stretch Noise (VHS Data Corruption)
* Interlacing
* YIQ Jitter
* Horizontal And Vertical Twitch