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VHDRI Magic Hours for SkyShop

Download VHDRI Magic Hours for SkyShop FREE Unity

– 20 high resolution, photographic, HDRI sky hemispheres @ 4096X2048 pixels
– HDRIs are provided in their original.HDR format, allowing you to use them in any future implementation of HDRI within Unity and SkyShop.
– Sunsets, twilights and night skies in various sky and weather conditions
– Perfect skydomes with no foreground/midground elements such as trees, buildings, hills, etc.
– Use SkyShops “render to cubemap” to merge your game’s environment and Hyperfocal skies for seamless lighting and reflections*
– Super high-quality images. No seams, birds, dust, grain or other image artifacts.
– Extreme accuracy and realism, up to 16 stops of dynamic range covering the full range of light values (optimized for RGBM format once imported into SkyShop).
– Pre-placed directional light prefabs that match each sky’s sun orientation and color.
*please check SkyShop’s latest implementation of this feature on Unity Pro vs Free for details.

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