You are currently viewing vFolders 2

vFolders 2

– Clearer rows

– Minimal mode

– Zebra striping

– Content minimap

Shortcuts (work on the folder under mouse, no need to select it)

– Press E to expand or collapse

– Press Shift-E to expand only one object

– Press Ctrl-Shift-E to collapse everything


Reasons to upgrade from vFolders 1.0

vFolders 2 has been completely reworked and received a ton of productivity features. Now it’s not just a folder highlighter, but a power tool that saves time and makes life easier

Multiselection editing – set multiple icons or colors at once
Customizable palette – add custom icons, export for use in other projects
Customizable appearance – decorate folder tree to your liking
Shortcuts like in vHierarchy – save time expanding and collapsing folders
Content minimap – see what’s inside folders without opening them
Store data in .meta files – an option for teams to avoid merge conflicts
Aesthetic improvements – small adjustments that make the difference
Performance improvements

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