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If you happen to like one or more brush configurations in particular, you can save out the entire VertPaint settings to reusable, well-formatted template files on disk. Loading templates is as easy as just dragging and dropping them into the field. There’s even a favorites list that allows you to keep track of the templates you use most and integrate them into your workflow for quick access.

The entire source code is included and written in simple, well commented C# for you to read, understand, modify and/or extend. It features detailed and extensive xml documentation that is fully compatible with IntelliSense.

Check out the official VertPaint related Unity forum thread or the VertPaint YouTube playlist for more information and subscribe to stay up to date with the latest release notes videos (one per update).

Check out the details & buy a license from the Unity Asset Store:

Download For Free Server 1 v1.1.1DOWNLOAD
Download For Free Server 1 v1.1.2DOWNLOAD