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Download VertPaint Free Unity Asset. 

VertPaint is a simple little tool for painting vertex colors onto the meshes in your scenes.

You can paint, erase, modify, fill and invert the vertex colors of a mesh with intuitive controls and good performance. The VertPaint window includes tooltips for all of its settings, as well as a detailed help section (in form of a foldout at the top) containing more information about the controls and general usage of VertPaint.

But VertPaint isn’t just a raw vertex color painting utility (although you can use it as one if you want to), it also ships with a nice set of custom vertex color blending shaders that vary from simple 2-way blends to complex height-based 4-way blends. These allow you to achieve advanced material blending fx as seen in the screenshots.

Also included is a generic shader prep utility useful for repacking your textures to comply to the VertPaint shader configuration (or any shader setup for that matter).