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Vault Inventory

Download Vault Inventory Free Unity. 

Vault Inventory is an Online Multiplayer Inventory Solution using Mirror for netcode. It includes solutions for the inventory back end, networking implementation and all of the UI Menu’s, drag-n-drop, etc. It includes an intuitive Editor Dashboard for designing your content – known as Vault Core.

After purchase, Vault Core is available as a free download on the Asset Store.


|| What is Vault Core? ||

Vault is a Database system for storing any type of data. Projects of all sizes benefit from a database system but they’re often overkill for simpler projects. Particularly for beginners who might be lost in a mess of SQL, XML, LUA and Online services and the price tags on them.

Vault solves that problem full-stop by providing an incredibly easy to use database solution that works on all platforms, has no maintenance fees and is virtually future-proof!


|| How does it work? ||