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V Armory

Download V Armory Free Unity. 


-Free Locomotion (Joystick / Touch Pad)
-Realistic Firearm Interactions
-Inventory System
-Attachment System
-Virtual Stock
-Physics Based Melee & Stabbing
-Recoil Animator
-Easily change sound effects
-Easily change muzzle flash, bullet trails, & impact effects
-Different Weapon Types
-Steam VR Hand Posing Integration
-Editor Buttons to easily set up item offsets, hand poses, & slides
-Advance Ammo Manipulation & Stacking
-Physics Test Dummy

V Armory is a tool to create firearms and just about any intractable item you can think of for VR. Includes a demo scene with a working pistol, revolver, shotgun, automatic rifle, and sniper rifle out of the box to use as a template for your own models. Along with attachments like a magnified scope, red dot sight, laser sight, tact-light, fore grip, & suppressor. Now includes fully physics based melee support with stabbing.

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