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UVPaint (skinned mesh Decal System)

Runtime Texturing! Unity 2019 ready! Now support HDRP, LWRP and custom Render Pipeline.

UVPaint creates decals and immediately bakes them in needed ShaderProperty texture on 3D objects. It allows you to draw a variety of accessories and details into the 3D model at runtime without losing performance and video memory. Very easy and intuitive code.

• Does not require Unity PRO! (Unity 5)
• Supports Android and IOS;
• Does not create additional meshes;
• More Options;
• Works with custom Shader;
• Decals support any alpha channels;
• Unlimited decals on every skinned mesh;
• The possibility for creating a wide range of necessary decals;
• Only bake texture based on unwraped UV (you can create tattoo, details, blood splatter, etc.);
• You can draw back to the original texture using the Eraser.
With UVPaint you can easily give freedom to your imagination!

Try Web Player Demo (Shooter)