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uTire Dynamic Tire Deformation V2

Download uTire Dynamic Tire Deformation V2 Free Unity. 

uTire is a drag&drop, shader-based dynamic tire deformation solution. Compatible with any asset that uses the built-in WheelCollider, and also supports Vehicle Physics Pro and WheelController3D.

uTire V2 is a tire deformation solution designed to be fast, convincing-looking well integrated, and as easy to use as possible.

If you have anything with a wheel and want to add a bit of extra realism at virtually no performance cost in no time, look no further.


Easy to use, drag&drop. If you need to do anything the interface will walk you through it.
Works with any vehicle that uses the built-in WheelCollider, WheelController3D or VehiclePhysicsPro’s WheelCollider
It can also work without altering physics at all, visual deformation is completely decoupled from PhysX. It literally can be added to finished projects within minutes, adding visual interest without changing behavior.
It works with *any* vehicle asset on the Store! (but it doesn’t need any to function)
Integration with Vehicle Physics Pro and NWH2(these assets come with their own wheel physics)
HDRP(10.x), URP(10.x), Legacy Rendering support
Lightweight, raycasting uses the job system, while the deformation itself is done in vertex shader
Included Amplify Shader Editor function – just drag “uTireV2 Base Function” into the (relative)VertexOffset slot, add “uTireV2” anywhere into your shader’s name, the rest is done automatically
Doesn’t care about mesh normals, works with non-center pivoted meshes, can be resized, etc

Each SRP comes with 3 variations