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User Login – API and Database

User Login is a web API for user authentication and storing user data. The web API is made with NodeJS and the database is MongoDB. It also contains a Unity demo showing how to connect to it.

User Login is a custom web api and database for user authentication, and storing user data. It contains NodeJS server side code, MongoDB database, and Unity demo.

Unlike most of my other unity assets, this one requires installation of the server so it won’t work out-of-the-box and will require some work to get it working. All the instructions for installation are in the documentation.


-NodeJS web api server

-MongoDB database

-Unity Client Demo

API Features

-User Register/Login

-Authentication with JWT token

-Get list of Users

-Edit User Info (Avatar…)

-Change Password

-Change Email

-Forgotten Password

-Permission Levels

-Gain Rewards (Coins, Xp…)