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URP Water

URP Water offers great flexibility and art direction control of the water in your game without the hassle and complexity and with less focus on physically accurate rendering.

Hand-coded for optimal performance and maximum customizability, URP Water is also simple to set up! No matter if your art direction is realistic or stylized, URP Water has plenty of options to match all of your needs.

– Features –

Dynamic Effects

Use any kind of renderer (particles, trail renderer, mesh, etc…) to dynamically affect the surface of the water. Using the provided shader, or your own, you can affect the normals, the foam and the displacement of the water surface.

Vertex Paint

You can manually add foam, mask displacement or change the opacity of the water, using vertex paint.

– Water Parameters –


Use color pickers or the gradient editor to control the color of the water.

Select the depth range of the color mapping.

Control the amount of refraction distortion.


Specular highlights with color and smoothness control.

Normal Maps

Multiple modes with control over tiling, speed and intensity, including:

Single Mode: One texture animated in 2 different directions
Dual Mode: Two textures animated in 3 different directions
Flow Map: Use a texture to define the flow direction of the water
Facet: For a low poly-look
Far Map: A different normal map is animated in 2 different directions when the water reaches a certain distance from the camera. You have control over what distance it happens.