Urban Realistic Pack

Download Urban Realistic Pack FREE Unity. 

The perfect package for your urban scene!!! These models are a great way to fill a city environment.

This package contains 21 beautiful hand-craft street or road props (and many different textures to choose from). Most of the assets have normal maps too. Low/Medium poly geometry, use it freely and wildly in your scenes.

You will find:
-One Barrel (With SIX different materials)
-Three Benches (Each one with TWO or THREE different materials)
-One Cone (With TWO different materials)
-One Fire Hydrant (With TWO different materials)
-One Payphone
-Seven Traffic Signs (With a total of FORTY different materials)
-Two Street Lights
-Three Trash Bags
-Two Trash Cans (Each one with FOUR different materials)

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