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UPixelator – Pixelize 3d Scenes

Unity Pixelator – Pixelize 3d scenes to make pixel art style worlds without custom shaders. It solves pixel creep flickering with subpixel offset for orthographic camera.

Unity Pixelator

UPixelator asset provides the basis for creating pixel art style games with 3d models.

It is a shaderless solution for pixelating 3d scenes with pixel creep reduction for orthographic camera.

Check the WebGL Demo! Scene is included.

Check the Documentation for full description and work in progress.

Join the Discord server.

Render pipelines

– Built-in ✓

– URP ✓

Tested builds

Unity 2021.3 (Builtin, URP 12): Windows, WebGL

Unity 2022.3 (Builtin, URP 14): Windows, WebGL

Available modules

– Pixel Art Edge Highlights

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