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uPI(e) Menu – Radial Menu

uPI(e) Menu offers an easy to use inspector where you can set up all the details of your radial menu plus a substential api which lets you set up and customize your menu exactly to your needs (even at runtime).

Works with Unity versions 5.X, 2017.X, 2018.X, 2019.X, 2020.X and 2021.X

No code needed
this is the dll version, containing a fully documented API which provides a deep level of access and customization. If you are looking for source code click here

[Web Demo]
[Full Documentation]

Here are some of the core features, that make uPI(e) Menu unique:
* Lets you create a new menu in just a few clicks, without knowing how to code

* Supports controller and mouse (or any other kind of pointing device)

* Intuitive and user friendly inspector

* Integrates with Unitys classic Input Manager by default, but lets you use any 3rd party or custom input system smoothly and extremely easily