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uNode – Visual Scripting

uNode is Visual Scripting plugin for Unity 3d. its permits empowering artists, designers and programmers to make gameplay mechanics, interactive systems and even C# script while not writing one line of code.

•Flow Graphs
Powerful flow graphs for low-level logic and sophisticated tasks.

•State Graphs
Powerful state graphs that mix Flow, State Machine, and Behavior Tree into one graph.

•Live redaction
Modify any a part of your graphs whereas in play mode to quickly paradigm and take a look at concepts (Only supported in uNodeRuntime)

•Runtime Debugging and Script Debugging
Insert breakpoints, watch affiliation, and watch variable modified in runtime and generated script.

Undo/Redo modified nodes, variable, etc absolutely support in the editor.

Import from exist uNode (runtime, class, struct) or world Variable and Export to prefab, exist uNode to save lots of a lot of times.

•C# Generator
Each integrates nodes are supported to generating a script and its absolutely no dependencies with uNode this means you’ll take away uNode and run output script to a different project while not uNode.

•C# Parser[BETA] (Required Unity 2018)
Import c# script into Unicode to quickly making node graphs and find out how uNode work.

•State Machine
Elegant state machines for high-level logic and simple state management, support nested state machine and unity events in every of state.