Unlock It

Download Unlock It Free Unity

Easily add, unlocks, combine & save items.

Add scenes to your game where players can buy new items like cars and characters or build a 2d level manager. Automatically load selected items into your game scene and expand your in-game collections. With Unlock It, every item gets saved and you can give your players a new reason to keep playing.

Main Features:
– Add, unlock combine & save in-game objects and scenes
– Unlock scenes and items with in-game triggers
– Unlocks items (or scenes) with coins
– The set opened scene for each item or use one default scene
– Optional progress label
– Use multiple item selection scenes
– Auto-disable scripts in the item selection scene
– Straight forward, customizable UI
– Easily add & save coins
– View and rotate 3D items
– Editor to make adding items simpler

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