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Universal Vehicle Controller

Download Universal Vehicle Controller Free Unity.

Vehicle controller, has a highly customizable vehicle behavior, damage system, AI and much more. The asset will help you develop a racing game.

Please read the [INSTRUCTION] before importing the project.

[DISCORD] | [Demo version for PC] | [Demo version for Android]

UVC has 2 versions in the assetstore:

[Version without dependencies]: Without FMOD, URP, InputSystem.
Version with dependencies (This version).
By purchasing any of the versions, both versions will be available to you.


Universal Car Controller (UVC) is an asset on the basis of which you can make a racing game with excellent physics. UVC is suitable for creating races of different genres: Standard racing, Drift, Drag, Bike etc. UVC has the ability to play local multiplayer (Split screen).


A feature of the asset is the ability to create a simple arcade physics of the car, due to which any player can play the game created on the basis of UVC, even without experience playing racing games. The asset is easy to configure, the configuration process is described in the documentation.


UVC has artificial intelligence (AI) for different game modes: Drift, Race, Pursuit. The asset has a handy AI path editor. You can watch the AI demo in the video or in the demo version of the asset in AI scenes.


UVC is well suited for mobile projects, the asset contains 3 types of mobile input and good optimization, you can check the optimization and control by installing the demo version for android.


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