Universal Shooter Kit: FPS, TPS, TDS

Download Universal Shooter Kit FPS TPS TDS FREE Unity

The 1.4 version is that the biggest update of our kit, please create a backup before installation.

⭐ This Universal Shooter Kit FPS TPS TDS is meant for making shooter games of any quality. you’ll be able to create first-person, third-person and top-down games.
⭐ it’s specially designed in such the {simplest way} that interaction with it is as simple as potential, thereby considerably reducing the time you would like to develop your exciting and fresh projects.
⭐ This quality has everything you would like to form your game – check up on the options list, screenshots, and videos 😉

These are the most options of this awesome kit:

🔸 Universal arm. It contains varied attacks and you’ll be able to use many of them in one weapon. Also, there are shells, reloading system, aiming (with totally different scope types) and a lot of.

🔸 Universal character controller with Root Motion movement and ideal animations for every character state. you’ll be able to use any mechanical man model with this controller thanks to Universal Shooter Kit FPS TPS TDS.

🔸 Unarmed mode: Use your characters while not weapons. you’ll be able to choose them up throughout the sport.

🔸 Universal camera with the TP, FP, and TD views. Also, the camera responds to collisions.

🔸 Full body IK. Feet react to obstacles. And you’ll be able to change the position and rotation of hands, elbows, and fingers for every weapon and every character.

🔸 many characters during a single-player game. you’ll be able to use a number of characters in your scene and switch between them right throughout the sport. Yes, like in GTA five 🙂

🔸 Walls detection. The character reacts to a wall and removes his hands. you’ll be able to conjointly change this mistreatment IK.

🔸 Character and weapon creation windows. rework your model to a game prepared character with weapons in but a second.

🔸 Inventory system: It contains a weapon wheel, slots for tending kits and munition, and simple UI customization. Also, you’ll be able to type and cluster objects as you wish and add many forms of weapons to 1 slot.

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