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Universal Device Preview

Download Universal Device Preview FREE Unity. 

for Unity 2017.2 to 2019.3

Universal Device Preview is an advanced and easy-to-use tool that gives you an accurate preview of your game for a huge variety of devices, to help you adapt your games to them. Instantly test how your content looks and feels on each of your target devices within the editor to prevent long and tedious iterations, and incredibly fasten your game development process!

(NEW!) Safe Area simulation and automatic layout feature!

INCLUDED: all features of Ultimate Screenshot Creator

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Preview your game on any device
Universal Device Preview gives you an accurate preview of your game on any device within the editor, in portrait or landscape mode. Use the Gallery Window to preview your game on several devices at a glance, or focus on one device at a time with the Preview Window.

Full device preview
Preview your game embedded into the device picture for more than 50 devices, including phone with notches, to really test how your game looks and feels on your target devices.

Huge quantity of devices
Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, Nintendo Switch, and many more. Using more than 200 device presets, including the most popular smartphones on the market, easily create a game that works correctly on all devices and resolutions. For PCs and consoles, it includes more than 50 resolution presets sorted by ratios to test all the cases.

(NEW) Safe area simulation
Simulate the safe area within the editor to better adapt your game to phones with notches, like the iPhone X or Pixel 3 XL, in portrait or landscape mode. The asset comes with several safe area presets, and you can easily add your own values. See safe area list below.

(NEW) Safe area automatic adaptation and unique constraints
With the powerful and flexible safe area component, easily define constraints to adapt your content to safe areas. Use the unique adaptation constraints, like snapping, pushing, or enlarging, vertically and/or horizontally, to adapt your content as you need, and preview your changes directly in the editor.

Safe area requirements: For iOS Unity 2017.2. For Android Unity 2018.4, and a device running on Android 9 (API level 28).

Physical size simulation
Preview at the device physical size within the editor, to better scale your GUI content to real world dimensions. No more bad surprises, unclickable buttons and unreadable texts, what you see is what you get!

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