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UnitZ Battlegrounds

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UnitZ Battlegrounds is no doubt the first and the best battle royale game master kit on Asset Store, all system are recommended UnitZ UNET however has been modified with several extra options and advance in the purpose of forming last man standing game with exploration and scavenging components of a survival game.

This project provided heaps of recent options and tools like the new Lobby system. new Inventory system with wearable instrumentation, the player will equip armour, helmet, backpack, or extra things you’ll fight with friends on-line or celebrate with AI and additional fun you can find during this pack.

UnitZ Battlegrounds Core options
– Battle Royale gameplay demo.
– Networking UNET computer network / on-line on the relay server
– The dedicated server system (beta).
– Game Lobby system
– Player Inventory with wearable instrumentation
– Player parachuting
– the instrument, Melee/Gun/Grenade
– Character System
– Character controller initial / Third
– space shrinking system
– Airdrop
– Shooter AI victimization Navmesh agent
– Vehicle automotive / Plane
– Crafting / Building
– Mobile controller