Unity2D C# 2021

Unity2D C# 2021 Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Unity Interface and 2D Game Development
  • Programming in C# Transferable Coding and problem solving skills
  • Graphic skills such as drawing the Game Sprites and generating the Game Background using Recursion
  • Game mechanics like combat system for Melee and Ranged attacks and enemies simple AI mechanics
  • More advanced C# techniques such as Singleton Pattern, ScriptableObjects, Animation Events and Coroutines
  • Game effects like Sounds and Unity Particle System


  • Some knowledge of Unity and C# is desirable 🙂


Join me on this journey to learn how to create video games in Unity.

You will learn how to use the Unity Interface, code in C#, draw the Game Assets, add the Game Sounds, the Visual Effects and much more!

There are 2 kinds of lectures in the course: [MQ] MAIN QUEST and [SQ] SIDE QUEST:

  • [MQ] lectures are the core ‘mandatory’ lectures where we’ll explore and understand the Unity engine and C# coding.
  • [SQ] lectures are optional, you can watch them if you are interested in expanding your knowledge. We will, for example, cover the process of creating the Game Sprites and the Background Generation using recursion, study the linear algebra behind the game and more!

You have all the Game Assets (SQ sprites and game Sounds) always available in the Resources part inside each lecture. The file folder name is GameAssets.zip.

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