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Unity CG Shader Development – 2D & 3D Shaders

Download Unity CG Shader Development – 2D & 3D Shaders Free Unity. 

Dive deep into learning how to write optimal shader code in Unity, from scratch!

What you’ll learn
Be proficient at writing CG shaders using Unity
Understand, design and create your own shaders to create any effect you can imagine
Write optimal code usable in professional game development companies
Create unique effects with a deep understanding of CG code as your foundation
Combine imagination and shader code
Unboxing the black box, that is custom shaders

Basic understanding of Unity
Have you ever wanted to write your own CG/HLSL shader code from scratch? Do you need help with understanding the intricate details of what happens on the back end? Learn to write shaders without the help of the material editor, and rather use the material editor as a prototyping tool?

In this Unity CG course, I will be teaching you the fundamentals of shader code so that you can write, create and develop unique looks that not only look amazing but run optimally too.

These techniques can be used for personal game development, and I will also go over best practices that can be used on the job in larger game companies.

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