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Unity: Next Level Game Visuals

Unity: Next Level Game Visuals Free Download Udemy Course

Learn a suite simple techniques that will allow you to transform the look of your game graphics

What you’ll learn
Be equipped with the knowledge and practical experience to use a range of simple, yet powerful, techniques to dramatically improve game visuals
Understand the terminology used when rendering textures onto game objects
Create your own height and normal maps, to simulate surface detail on a game object (rivets, scratches, seams etc.)
Create seamless textures
Understand tiling and offsetting of textures to achieve more realistic visuals; use simple code to randomize tiling and offset values to reduce the appearance of repeating textures
Understand the benefits and limitations of all the techniques introduced in this course and where they can be applied
Provide you with the suite of techniques to equip you with the confidence to take the ‘next steps’ in your journey of creativity

Working knowledge of the free, personal version, of Unity (We will be using a small amount of C# but no programming knowledge is required)
Working knowledge of Photoshop or other similar image editing application. Free alternatives to Photoshop are presented in the course
This is a beginners course so don’t worry I’ll walk you through all that you need to know

By the end of this course you will be able to

Understand the theory behind diffuse maps, height maps and normal maps

Create your own height maps and normal maps from textures that will quickly and simply transform the look of your game graphics

Understand the relationship between textures, materials and shaders